Ocean Soles. Cleaning Beaches, Creating Masterpieces

Hello guys,

I am super excited to bring you an amazing company – Ocean soles -from Kenya, that recycles flipflops found littered on beaches to create fun and colourful elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, dolphins, sharks, turtles…

colourful creatures made by Ocean Soles
Aren’t they lovely? (as seen in eticaltreasures.ca)

Creating A Sustainable Impact

According to their website, flipflops are one of the largest marine pollutants on Indian Ocean beaches.

Ocean soles provides a solution to beach pollution, as well as local poverty while feeding local ingenuity, showcasing the work of other creative Kenyans.

See their story as told by Julie Church, founder of the company.

Every single Ocean Sole product is handcrafted to protect the oceans and teach the world about the threats of marine debris. Smart!

Also, Ocean Sole puts 10% of its production cost into their foundation.

Ethical treasures is the Canadian online stockist if you are interested in getting a piece… or two.

Read more about the 16.000.000 square kilometers of litter scattered in patches in the oceans here. Unfortunately, a reality we cannot close our eyes to.

Cheers, Gisela



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