Sandra Bloom: You don’t even know me.
Young Ed Bloom: I have the rest of my life to find out.

Quote from “The Big Fish”

Oh, hello!

I am a Portuguese turned Torontonian and a biologist at heart with a clerical deskbound job, looking forward to spreading her wings and sharing her passion for Nature and Communication.

I am drawn to all things natural and I seek to understand the reason behind what surrounds us. I have a curious mind and I never cease to be amazed.

Maybe it all started with the Reader’s Digest’s ABCs of the Human Body (a book that I wore out from reading it all day long). Perhaps it was the regular Sunday’s lunchtime TV-visits from Sir David Attenborough. I am looking at you, Stephen Jay Gould!

But since I remember, I am enthralled by Life’s complexity and its intricate and ingenious architecture. This is my passion!

In this quest, I am not looking for answers. What you are reading is my humble contribution to spreading the message that we are just a small component of life’s mystery that we, ultimately, must respect and protect.

In Mighty Invisible, I blog about the magnificent natural world that surrounds us. Unnoticed, but oh, so powerful.

Thanks for the visit, do come back for more.


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