A waste free Ontario? Linear Vs circular economy

Apropos of the  Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario, announced by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray, why not watch this short film?

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The Science of a good night’s sleep

Oh hello! Missed me? I do hope so.

I decided to take a breather to focus on other quests. However, despite the absence, my mind has never left this blog. It’s good to be back!

And speaking of pause, how do you fell when you wake up in the morning? Is your sleep restorative?

I am trying to force myself not only to sleep more but to sleep better. There’s a difference, you know?

There are myriads of online advice, lists and apps to help you have a restful night. Unfortunately, the solution is not simple.

If you are curious, here’s what I am attempting to improve my sleep quality:

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